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Vision & Mission


Vision - The Sri Lankas Most Respected Admissions Organization

Higher education not only benefits the lives of the students and the communities. By the end of the year 2009 IUC will be the most respected and renowned consultants in Sri Lanka and Maldives for higher education overseas, that is to say that we will be trusted by students throughout Sri Lanka and Maldives.

The ever-increasing globalisation of the higher education market makes it particularly important that, to provide coherent, effective and efficient services and trusted by institutions to offer first-class, cost-effective, mission-enhancing solutions to their needs.

Mission – Inform, Enable and Connect

Our mission is to provide services to student, advisers, schools and colleges, and to institutions offering higher education programmers, that:

• Ensure applicants are well informed via coherent, comprehensive, accurate and timely information, allowing them to make appropriate choices and so establish the best basis for success.
• We are committed to providing the students with all benefits possible, which includes visas, travel arrangements and the best possible accommodation at the lowest possible cost.
• Enable institutions to admit students efficiently and effectively, on an equal and fair basis, and thus support the achievement of their admissions goals and policies.

achieving our mission, IUC will:

• provide efficient, cost-effective and professional admissions systems, together with associated information services;
• provide innovative and creative solutions that take account of the requirements of both students and educational institutions; and
• Facilitate and promote access to higher education overseas.